Staying healthy with busy lives - realistically

We lead hectic, over-full lives. Keeping up with children’s homework, housework, yardwork, work-work, kids sports, making time for family, friends and God, keeping homes clean, making bosses/clients happy, cooking diner…. It’s getting harder and harder to catch a minute, let alone keeping you and your family healthy with proper nutrition.

Yes, we aim to consistently prepare wholesome diners loaded with vegetables, fruit and protein, followed by after-dinner walks. Realistically, though, I personally barely had time to take off my shoes after walking in the door, trying to wrap my head around what I was making for diner when the “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?” started.

A HUGE help for me, a very busy self-employed, single mom, was to have veggie chips and water ready in the car after school when my son was “STARVING!” This way he loaded up on real vegetables, which I felt great about, and it curbed his appetite just long enough to give me time to make diner. In case we were rushing to a sports activity, he had already gotten his veggies intake out of the way! Good nutrition on the go!

It’s a great idea to have wholesome dried fruit and nuts on hand for today’s busy family life. At the office, in the lunchbox, the backpack, the car and or the coffee table; dried fruit, nuts and veggie chips make it easy to graze healthily while going about our busy day.

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