Shipments and returns

We normally ship your order within 1 to 3 days to ensure that you receive your order without delay. Normal shipping is Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.  In order to minimize shipping costs to Lavish Snacks and to you, USPS and UPS are our carriers of choice for most packages. However, arrangements can be made to ship with other carriers if you prefer or circumstances dictate.

Please be aware we are a food company only and not a shipping company. Lavish Snacks cannot guarantee the arrival time of a package. Once we relinquish your order to UPS or the USPS, it is beyond our control. However, Lavish Snacks is happy to assist you in tracking your package in order to ensure that you do receive your order. Depending on where you live, shipping time may vary. California residents may receive their order the next day, while other customers may receive their order within 3 days after shipping.

While Lavish Snacks cannot accept returns, we can provide you with outstanding service. If you have any issues with your coffee, errors in your order, or other questions or concerns regarding your coffee, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at (559) 754-2309 or email at

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